Presidents Day Sunday 2nd June

Adrian Vincent winner of Presidents Day 2024
03 June 2024
What a perfect day for golf! Today we held our club President's Day, President Keith Gay welcomed 78 players along with some juniors for his day. Refreshments at the 13th of pasties & drinks were very welcome in todays warm conditions. With generous donations from the members and a fine raffle, Mr president managed to raise over £1100 for his charity Alzheimer's society.
Todays winner was Adrian Vincent with a score of The junior competition was won by
Well done to all who took part.
Winnings scores
1st Adrian Vincent 40 points
2nd Neal Hobbs 38 points
3rd David Saget 38 points
4th Matt Pearce 38 points
5th Matt Bailey 37 points
6th James Hutchings 27 points
1st Sebby Hutchings 43 points
2nd Archie Haynes 40 points